Seen from the perspective of the end-user, the cement bag is the cement producer’s business card. The way in which the cement bag presents itself not only reflects on the quality of the product in it, but also on the company that made, filled and sold it. The quality of the package radiates the cement producer’s image to its market, customer, competitors, and even its very own employees. More and more cement producers are paying special attention to ensure that their packages are compact, clean and looking sharp.

The Ultrasound Sealing Device

In response to this market trend, HAVER & BOECKER has developed the SEAL technology. The system was designed with the goal of creating a new standard when it comes to traditional valve bag filling technology. SEAL Technology eliminates spillage by inflating a rubber sleeve lining in a specially designed filling spout during the filling process. After filling, the bag is carefully pulled off the spout and the specially designed paper valve is welded shut by an ultrasound sealing device. Most producers recoup their investment in the SEAL Technology within less than twelve months. SEAL Technology can be retrofitted to all HAVER & BOECKER ROTO-PACKER® sold since the year 2000.

No Spillage during Transport

The result is an absolutely compact and clean bag, which will make the product stand out in any form of presentation. More importantly, the SEAL Technology prevents spillage during transport.

Clean, Closed and Compact Bag

It also eliminates any kind of contamination or criminally motivated product extraction during the complete logistical process. This allows the cement producer to increase his weight accuracy exponentially without having to overfill the bag. The resulting additional product profit to the cement producing operation is significant. While in the past he gave a lot of cement to the customer free of charge, he now sells close to 100% of the product for which he invested considerable effort into making.