Advising on explosion protection

Explosion protection is a sensitive, complex issue that is subject to constant changes. A person's life can depend on its correct implementation.

Expertise from practical experience, for practical experience!

Our team of engineers, specialists and trained personnel gladly support and advise you on the implementation of:

  • Zone classification
  • Ignition danger assessment
  • Explosion protection documents
  • Advising on the overhaul or modernisation of old, used machines and plants
  • Cooperation with designated bodies
  • Training on explosion protection
  • Individual examination according to 94/9/EC Directive
  • Type examination according to 94/9/EC Directive

125 years of expertise!

When it comes to explosion protection, HAVER & BOECKER can look back at 125 years of experience - e.g. when mining lamps used fine wire mesh to prevent the ignition of explosive methane gas in mines.

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