Cement palletizing technic

    The HAVER & BOECKER subsidiary NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING is a manufacturer of automatic palletizing systems, and has been a member of the HAVER Group since June, 2012. This new subsidiary company, with headquarters in Illzach (France), has been active in the palletizing systems industry for 40 years. The company provides solutions to the chemicals, fertiliser, cement, lime, gypsum and building material industries.

    Together we are strong

    NEWTEC BAG PALLATIZING supports our reputation as a complete systems provider in the packaging industry. Together with IBAU HAMBURG, FEIGE FILLING, BEHN + BATES and Newtec Bag Palletizing, HAVER & BOECKER supplies complete stocking, packing and loading systems of top quality for handling loose materials and liquid products. Everything from a single source. Our customers have an expert address and benefit from the expertise of an entire chain.


    A complete range of palletizers for the building materials industry – BATIPAL:

    • Several bag orientation devices as to throughputs
    • Fault display and communication unit for using different layer patterns with various weights and dimensions
    • Modular assembly and kinematics optimisation allow the evolution of needs
    • Possible interfacing between upstream bagging and downstream pallet wrapping devices
    • High speed tests of our components to simulate an industrial situation
    • Maximum robustness and maximum operational reliability combined with excellent palletizing quality.

    Coupling the best technologies on the market with customers demands allows us to offer:

    • Conventional palletizers with layer deposit
    • Polyarticulated robots, especially dedicated to narrow spaces

    NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING offers complete end-of-line solutions with throughputs of 300 to 5000 bags per hour thanks to its network of industrial partners in bagging and packing. In some cases we may suggest using a PALLET LESS palletizer.

    Our range of products on a view

    • Bag palletizer with layer deposit
    • Bag palletizer with robotic gripper
    • Polyarticulated robot for bags

    Details of selected products

    Automatic palletizer

    Series 1000/1500/1800/2500P, medium throughputs

    Bag palletizers for a working rate of 200 to 2500 bags/hour. This range of automatic palletizers is the answer to a very broad spectrum of products in all types of bags.

    Series 2500B/4000/5000, high throughputs

    Bag palletizers for a working rate of 2000 to 6000 bags/hour. This range is especially designed for high palletizing throughputs in the building materials sector.


    • Bag flattener
    • Defective bag ejector
    • Gluing system
    • Deposit of bottom sheets onto empty pallets or interlayer sheets
    • Deposit of PE film from a reel onto empty pallets
    • Pallet press

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    G300 series palletizing technic

    G300 series

    This high-value palletizing robot consists of a gantry equipped with a robotic gripping arm. It stacks the bags one-by-one directly onto the pallet into a fixed frame.

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    1000 Grip series palletizing technic

    1000 Grip series

    The 1000 Grip series is specially designed to process very difficult-to-handle products. This equipment in particular can palletize open-mouth bags at low filling rates...

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    Polyarticulated robot for bags

    Thanks to its knowhow for poly-articulated robots integration, NEWTEC can provide robot solutions for bags.

    NEWTEC designs the poly-articulated robot solution to meet the needs of low throughputs of multi-line applications in particular.
    This solution with poly-articulated robots can be adapted to all layouts and allows installation in narrow spaces while meeting safety requirements.

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    Polyarticulated robot for bags palletizing technic

    Complete end of line solutions

    NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING can provide complete end-of-line systems thanks to its expertise and its strong industrial partner network.

    For the full automation of end-of-line operations, NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING offers solutions based on all of the following functions:

    • Palletizing and de-palletizing systems
    • Handling systems
    • Pallet wrapping systems

    With this type of installation, the customer is assured an optimum level of productivity, quality and safety for his end-of-line operations throughout the supply chain.

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    Complete end of line solutions palletizing technic


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