HAVER Mining

    HAVER Mining focuses on system business

    HAVER Mining bundles the competencies of all HAVER & BOECKER companies having technologies for processing/mining and focuses on system business. HAVER Mining offers the whole range of engineering services from feasibility study to commissioning management. Upon customer request, even operator models can be supplied.

    The typical value-adding chain in the Mining Industry covers the sectors Development, Extraction, Material Handling, Crushing & Grinding, Separation und Refining. HAVER Mining is active in almost every sector of the chain – from feasibility study through material handling within the system to numerous technologies and services in the sectors Crushing, Grinding, Screening, Washing und Pelletizing.

    The producing companies HAVER NIAGARA in Münster, HAVER & BOECKER Latinoamericana in Brazil and HAVER Canada remain responsible for the individual machine production. HAVER Mining links up the individual locations in such a way that besides individual machines, the business unit can now develop, manufacture and operate complete plants and systems – always very close to the customer. The economic advantage is that the production facilities on three different continents are all closely located to the Mining Industry production sites.

    Entirely in line with the company philosophy TIME TO CHAIN, HAVER Mining coordinates, besides the technology leaders, the regional subsidiary companies HAVER Australia, HAVER Southern Africa, HAVER ENGINEERING,
    HAVER TECHNOLOGIES Tianjin and HAVER IBAU INDIA. This does not apply, however, to the subsidiary companies’ operative work, such as the individual machine production.

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    René Dechange
    Sales Manager

    Phone: +49 2522 30 104
    E-Mail: r.dechange@haverboecker.com


    Dr. Rüdiger Heinrich
    Technology Manager

    Phone: +49 2522 30 8425
    E-Mail: r.heinrich@haverboecker.com

    Joachim Hoppe
    General Manager
    HAVER Mining

    Phone: +49 2522 30 8499
    E-Mail: j.hoppe@haverboecker.com