“Whatever we do, we must design a machine that can be adapted to any performance requirement our customers may have. The machine must be configurable in every way that is important to the client. He should not pay for anything that he does not need, but at the same time have the option to upgrade the machine to everything he wants.” / Bernhard Pagenkemper

In response to your determination to generate constant flow, we designed the valve bag filling ELEMENTRA® EVT, modularly. Each filling spout is a complete filling system for powdery products in itself. It encompasses everything required to fill, weigh, optionally seal and deliver your bag to the subsequent process step. As a result, you can maintain or, if necessary, repair each filling module individually without stopping the machine for an extended period of time. You can both remove the filling module and continue to operate your machine at slightly reduced capacity, or use an interchangeable spare filling module and run your ELEMENTRA® EVT at full capacity all the time.