INTEGRA® ISP Liffs Edition

What is sustainability in economics? The principle of sustainability in economics originates from forestry. It refers to a way of doing business that considers both today's profits and future generations. In forestry, for example, entire forests were not cut down in order to achieve high profits from the sale of timber today.”

The perfect alternative for pasty and liquid products

A special solution of this sustainable technology is the LIFFS Edition, a fully automatic system for filling pasty and liquid products into tubular PE film bags. The result: Highest filling performance, optimal weight accuracy and satisfied customers!


The filling of the bag is controlled by means of the weighing software, which controls the opening angle of the filling valve. This leads to exact filling weights with short filling time. After the filling process the residual air in the bags is sucked off and the PE bag is tightly sealed. The integrated construction of the complete system allows quick assembly on site and commissioning. All components – from the bag manufacture to the bag discharge – are mounted, wired and controlled in an integrated housing.


The HAVER & BOECKER INTEGRA® LIFFS Edition revolutionises the fully automatic filling of pasty and liquid products and offers important advantages:

  • flexible packaging
  • cost advantage for the packaging material
  • less shipping volume
  • quick and complete emptying of the bags by means of press rollers
  • reduction of product loss
  • higher quality and better use of the material
  • much less effort for disposal of the emptied and recyclable bags
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