“The FFS machines available in the market today almost all look, feel and perform alike. In redesigning the INTEGRA® ISF, we need to do something different. We need to set us apart from the competition. We need to break barriers when it comes to performance, intuitive operation, availability and cleanliness.” / Peter Felling

FFS Technology has been around since the 1970’s. At the time FFS was a technological revolution. However, almost all the FFS machines sold in the market today, while a bit faster and more reliable, are in general still the same machines we have come to know forty years ago. At HAVER & BOECKER we believe that needed to change. We therefore wanted to set a new technological footprint. 

Prior to developing the INTEGRA® ISF we spoke to many of you. Your message to us was clear. You wanted a packing system, which made it easy for you and your team to operate it. You told us that you require a packaging system that can be operated intuitively. It should be easy to understand, quick to learn and most importantly, it must communicate with you. The ISF accomplishes all these goals you gave us.