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Month by month we present PRO CHECK in our Newsletter this year! With this intelligent and far-sighted life cycle approach, we analyze with you and your team the potential of your processes for solving material handling challenges in every segment.

We start with diagnostics; which is also at the very beginning and is the entry of the inventory. Every good doctor knows that the key to good health is not treating symptoms but identifying the trigger. When it comes to your process, there is no difference. Do not spend endless time and energy fighting the symptoms. Instead, find out the reason. To help you do that, we have created an unprecedented portfolio of services, software and analytics that will help you do just that.



The XYLOSCAN from IBAU HAMBURG is one of them!

 Honestly: Do you have a firm feeling of how it looks in your silos? As the specialist in silo technology, IBAU HAMBURG has developed the XYLOSCAN for 3D silo measurement with the aim of  improving silo efficiency, operation and maintenance. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about it. We are glad to advise you! Among all submissions in January, we will raffle a free 3D scan of your silo from IBAU HAMBURG, our experts for bulk material handling and silo technology. 

Write Elena Pouskiouloglou for more information - 



Spare parts analysis and recording via video chat

Regular replacement of original wear and spare parts reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and extends the life cycle of your packing line. We carry out the analysis and the recording of the parts with you and your team already mobile with the Smartphone or AR glasses. This means that no extensive travel is necessary and our service experts will take care of your order immediately. That is sustainable and just clever!

Let us advise you now on mobile spare parts recording.

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