Lower transportation costs
– the safe bags reduce material losses, resulting in lower transport costs.


Reduced footprint
– our technologies help, to reduce CO2 emissions.


– our high-end packaging is re-closeable, completely empty-able and easily recyclable.


– with the compact and modular design our SMART PLANTS enable us to build very effective, even within city limits, complying with high environmental regulations


– our clean filling technologies, with a high standard for Health & Safety, and the safe packaging help, to reduce material loses.


– through the careful handling of the filled bags, our systems ensure safe transport and thus prevent unnecessary bag breakage.


Safe, transparent and effective
– our system monitoring helps to control and operate the systems on a high-effective level.


Energy saving
– thanks to intelligent controls and modern drive technology, our systems work with reduced energy consumption.


Resource saving 
– the reduction of material loss supports that all resources are used effectively.