Our planet is unique –  as unique as the life that is on it.

Michael James Massimino spent 23 days, 19 hours and 47 minutes in outer space, seven hours of which were devoted to exterior repairs to the Hubble telescope. It took this one overwhelming moment of spacewalk to realize how not only unique and beautiful the blue planet is, but also how vulnerable and incredibly thin its atmosphere is. The Earth is a single living, breathing organism. It is our home. We at HAVER &  BOECKER understand that the environment needs no protection. It is people who need protection.

As a company, we can make a small but sure contribution to this protection. PLANET BLUE's message is to use the right technology from HAVER & BOECKER in order to create win-win-win situations in which both the resources of our planet and the financial resources of our customers are conserved.




Lower transportation costs
– the safe bags reduce material losses, resulting in lower transport costs.


Reduced footprint
– our technologies help, to reduce CO2 emissions.


– our high-end packaging is re-closeable, completely empty-able and easily recyclable.


– with the compact and modular design our SMART PLANTS enable us to build very effective, even within city limits, complying with high environmental regulations


– our clean filling technologies, with a high standard for Health & Safety, and the safe packaging help, to reduce material loses.


– through the careful handling of the filled bags, our systems ensure safe transport and thus prevent unnecessary bag breakage.


Safe, transparent and effective
– our system monitoring helps to control and operate the systems on a high-effective level.


Energy saving
– thanks to intelligent controls and modern drive technology, our systems work with reduced energy consumption.


Resource saving 
– the reduction of material loss supports that all resources are used effectively.