“A packing system that can fill a pure powder into plastic is not enough. We need a system, which can pack product mixtures containing powder, grains and slivers into plastic.” / You

You asked for it, we delivered. While powder can ideally be filled using an impeller or turbine, product mixtures, containing powder, grains and slivers require a pneumatic packing system.

The ROTO-PACKER® RSL was created for you to fill difficult to handle products into PE plastic packaging. As a result, you receive a water proof package. This means you can store your products safely outdoors, even in harsh weather conditions. Not only that, but your bag is clean. That translates into an attractive and clean design of your new package, enhancing your image and creating attention at your point of sale. Finally, the PE plastic bag is extremely profitable by reducing your logistics and personnel costs along the entire value chain.