QUAT²RO® Remote Service: Efficient remote maintenance for packing lines

If unplanned packaging line breakdowns occur, in the worst case the plant operator risks seeing a complete production and logistics shutdown. Quick action is now required, but the cause cannot always be identified by the customer and a service technician cannot be on site immediately. For such cases, HAVER & BOECKER has since been offering an internet-based remote maintenance service, the so-called QUAT²RO® Remote Service, for 15 years. Ten specially trained and instructed service technicians from the ASSISTANCE department at the Oelde headquarters are available for remote maintenance and who are able to solve up to 90% of the faults via remote access, and so can avoid cost-intensive on-site service visits. One of these service technicians is Andreas Hansow. He will tell you what remote maintenance does and what the advantages are to you as a customer.

Behind the scenes: The HAVER & BOECKER service experts
Andreas Hansow works as a system specialist and technical editor at HAVER & BOECKER at the headquarters in Oelde, Germany. The experienced service technician is on duty for customers worldwide - either as a member of the remote maintenance team or as a contact-person on site, for example, when carrying out a plant optimization within the framework of the Plant Optimization Plan (POP) of HAVER & BOECKER. He therefore knows our systems better than the back of his hand.

How a digital service call works
"If the customer receives an error message unknown to him or any other type of fault in the system which he cannot remedy himself, he reports it by telephone or e-mail to our ASSISTANCE department. This HAVER & BOECKER service hotline is available around the clock and, depending on the customer's contract, remote maintenance is started immediately or on the very next work day. For the purpose of maintenance, the customer releases the system for remote access either by means of a key switch in the main control cabinet or a soft key in the main control panel. Next our employee dials into the customer's system via a secure VPN access. The service technician often remains on the phone with the customer to discuss exactly where the problem is. In almost all cases, the fault can already be analyzed and solved via remote maintenance. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes. Usually the system is ready for operation again after just an hour. If we can’t solve the problem via remote access, then we pinpoint the cause of the fault to such an extent that it allows the service technician to quickly complete his assignment on site."

Your advantages and benefits

  • immediate and rapid service work
  • maintenance team on call 24 hours
  • 9 of 10 malfunctions removed via remote maintenance
  • no or only very short production stoppage

Advantages for the customer
"The advantages of remote maintenance are obvious: With the QUAT²RO® Remote Service, HAVER & BOECKER automation solutions and management systems can be diagnosed and maintained anywhere worldwide. You receive fast, direct and uncomplicated support. With a successful remote service, you save the costs of an on-site visit and the plant is reintegrated into production without long waits and downtimes. The QUAT²RO® Remote Service is a good solution when problems have to be solved particularly quickly. We would be happy to advise you on how to integrate the QUAT²RO® Remote Service perfectly into the individual maintenance programs of your packaging lines. Please contact us!”.

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